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over 1 year agoAugust 12, 2018
I'm a dad first and a minister second and my ex-wife used the family court system as a weapon. She filed false child abuse charges against me, even though the police and the child welfare agency both stated that I didn't abuse my kids and they believed that my ex-wife lied and we were dealing with custody issues and the judge immediately terminated the false order of protection, but the judge not only did she not even give my ex-wife a warning or a slap on the hand, but she continued to treat me unfairly. I had to file a complaint against the law firm Jeffery Leving for billing me for meetings and telephone calls that we never had and he had to give me back my money. I also contacted so-called father rights organizations and each and every one of them along with the family court, father rights attorneys and yes groups like yours all take advantage of hurting father's. I even had President Obama's special assistant to
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